How does a Central Vacuum work?
The system is a sealed vacuum system that transports vacuumed dirt through a network of in-wall tubing to a remote power unit. For whole-house coverage, inlet valves are strategically placed throughout the home. To vacuum, simply plug the lightweight hose into an inlet and select your cleaning attachment. The on/off control is on the hose handle.

What are the benefits of owning a central vacuum?
A central vacuum system does a better job of cleaning because it has a more powerful motor. It creates a healthier home because it picks up dust and allergens a traditional portable vacuum can not. A central vacuum system is also quieter since the power unit is located outside the home’s living space. Central vacuum owners appreciate the system’s versatility and convenience.

Is the power always on?
No. The central vacuum is a closed system. Vacuum power is always available but the power unit itself will not turn on until an inlet valve is opened and a hose is inserted.

Will the system maintain its power over time?
The powerful performance of an H-P Central Vacuum does not decrease as dirt accumulates in the dirt canister. H-P’s bagless Cyclonic Filtration Technology (CFT) assures the vacuum works at full power.

Is an H-P Central Vacuum System worth the cost?
The average consumer has 4 vacuum products in their home at one time. The cost of maintaining and replacing portable vacuums can exceed the one-time cost of a central vacuum installation. However, the real cost benefit happens over time. A central vacuum saves money by prolonging the life of carpeting, drapes and furniture and adding to the resale value of a home.

Can a system be installed in an existing home?
Yes. It can easily be installed in both new and existing homes: on slabs, in crawl spaces, garages or basements.  An installation professional will work with you to determine the placement of the power unit and inlet valves. The complete installation, including tubing and low-voltage wiring, can usually be completed in less than a day.

Does the complete system have to be installed at one time?
No. Some homeowners choose to rough-in the tubing system when a home is being built and then complete the system by adding the power unit and inlet valves at a later time.

Can the system be used on more than carpets?
H-P Products offers a wide range of versatile attachments for all carpet types and hard-surface flooring like wood, tile, marble and vinyl. It can also be used to clean upholstery, draperies, crown moldings, ceiling fans, lampshades and fixtures.

What happens to the dirt that is vacuumed up?
Cyclonic Separation captures 96-98% of the dirt and deposits it into the dirt canister. The remaining fine dust particles are trapped in a pleated filter. With less than 5% of dirt reaching the filter, maximum airflow is sustained for deep cleaning performance every time you vacuum.

Do H-P Filtered Cyclonic units have to be vented outside?
Most people do vent to the outside although it is not really necessary since the dual filtration process assures that vacuum dust and debris are contained within the system.

Will the system require maintenance?
H-P Central Vacuums require far less maintenance than most portable vacuums. The large capacity comfort-grip dirt canister needs emptied 3-4 times per year and the pleated filter requires annual replacement.

Does the suction power work properly in the farthest reaches of the home?
Yes. Central vacuums are closed systems that maintain vacuum power in every part of the system. Properly sized and installed systems position the inlet valves throughout the home for whole-house coverage and maximum performance.  The sustained cleaning power of the H-P Central Vacuum System will ensure a consistent level of suction power and airflow in every part of the home.

Will a Central Vacuum work on my barefloors?
A central vacuum is perfect for hard-surface flooring. Instead of stirring up dirt and debris with a broom, you can vacuum it with specially designed bare floor tools. The dirt gets deposited into the dirt canister, eliminating the recirculation of dust and odors.