What is Cyclonic Filtration Technology (CFT)?
Cyclonic Filtration Technology is a dual filtration process guaranteed to deliver maximum cleaning power. CFT begins with Cyclonic Separation, a filtration method that uses physics to remove dirt particles from an air stream rather than bags or filters.

What are the benefits of CFT?
CFT ensures sustained cleaning power, 100% of the time. In independent testing, units with permanent cloth filters lost cleaning power after picking up just a small amount of test dirt. H-P Filtered Cyclonic units showed a minimal performance drop before stabilizing at 94%. 

Filtered Cyclonic performance will return to a like-new condition once the filter is replaced. Permanent cloth filter systems, even those with coatings like GOR-TEX and Teflon, cannot be restored to like new condition once dirt and dust are embedded in the filter. Coatings may help reduce embedded dirt, but do not eliminate it.

What happens to the dirt that is vacuumed up?
Cyclonic Separation captures 96-98% of the dirt and deposits it into the dirt canister. The remaining fine dust particles are trapped in a pleated filter. With less than 5% of dirt reaching the filter, maximum airflow is sustained for deep cleaning performance every time you vacuum.

Will the system maintain its power over time?
The powerful performance of an H-P Central Vacuum does not decrease as dirt accumulates in the dirt canister. H-P’s bagless Cyclonic Filtration Technology (CFT) assures the vacuum works at full power.

Is CFT a new technology?
No. Many people think of it is a new technology because “cyclonic” has become a vacuum industry buzzword. But, believe it or not, this advanced technology was patented in 1955 by H-P Products, Inc.

Do H-P Filtered Cyclonic units have to be vented outside?
Most people do vent to the outside although it is not really necessary since the dual filtration process assures that vacuum dust and debris are contained within the system.

How does a central vacuum system help create a healthy home?
With 3-5 times the suction and power of uprights, H-P Central Vacuum Systems capture 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust, odors and allergens. Traditional vacuums spread these particles and allergens around your home and recirculate them into the air you breathe. The power of H-P Central Vacuums eliminates microscopic particles and allergens for a cleaner, healthier interior environment.

Why is central vacuum so much more powerful?
If a portable vacuum had a comparable motor, you wouldn’t want to push it through the house. The genius of central vacuum systems is putting a powerful vacuum unit in a stationary location and allowing access to this powerful vacuum from the inlets located throughout the home.